EURHODIP is an International Association that supports education and training in the hospitality and tourism industry, representing over 120 schools from more than 30 countries around the world.

Over the past 40 years, passionate individuals from various fields have brought their culture and expertise to the Association, contributing to its heart and soul. From tourism and gastronomy to teaching and scientific research, EURHODIP serves as a platform for everyone to connect and exchange ideas. Its Annual Conference, which has already had 29 editions, is a testament to the Association's commitment to education and training.

As a Full Member of EURHODIP, Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Tourism, is delighted to host the 30th Annual EURHODIP Conference at Famagusta, North Cyprus. With a long history of hospitality and tourism, Famagusta is a perfect venue for this event. We are honored and committed to making this conference a success with your participation.

The past four years have been challenging for everyone, and the future remains uncertain. However, despite the difficulties, schools have not stopped their education projects and commitments to their students and families. We are excited to be part of this conference, and we approach it with a sense of commitment and belonging.

Participating in this conference offers students and teachers a chance to enrich their skills, experience a different culture, and make comparisons. At the same time, the conference promotes the sharing of knowledge and strengthens ties within the European project, promoting European cohesion in its principles and values.

We invite you to join us at the 30th Annual EURHODIP Conference in Famagusta, North Cyprus.



EURHODIP 2023 program

EURHODIP 2023 program

EURHODIP 2023 program

Papers Registration and Submission

You can download the abstract TEMPLATE (click here to download the template), fill it out and upload it to this link.(click here for uploading your paper)





Pascal Strauss

Head of Business Unit Learning & Development at Syngeon S.A. in Luxemburg / Game-Changer, Mentor, Leadership Coach, Philanthropist


Prof. Dr. Beverley Wilson-Wünsch

Educator at International University of Applied Sciences, Professor, Mentor, Multi-National Hospitality Expert

Prof. Dr. Babak Taheri

Professor in the Department of Hospitality / Hotel Management and Tourism at Texas A&M University, USA

Speaker 4

Title / Affiliation



What is the EURHODIP Competitions?

“EURHODIP COMPETITIONS” is an event within the annual conference that tests the skills and competences of students from EURHODIP schools in 4 areas of training: F&B Management, Culinary arts, Tourism Management and Marketing Management.

The Competitions are a way to promote the exchange of experiences, knowledge, and innovation.

Which schools are allowed to participate?

This event is limited to 10 schools per competition that must be members of EURHODIP. At the end of the application period, if there are more than 10 schools, the schools will be on hold in case some of the selected schools are unable to participate.


Each participating school will be responsible for the students they submit. For the competition, each school must register 4 students maximum. One in each category. The participant must certify their academic background and an English level of B2 or higher.

General Rules

Each school (members of EURHODIP) can only apply 1 student per challenge. The competition takes place on November 2nd during the Annual Conference and the applications runs until September, 30, 2023. In each challenge, students will be organized into teams with random elements from each school. Only students who celebrate up to 30 years of age in the year of the competition (January 1 to December 31) will be accepted in the competitions.

Obligations and tasks for the schools and participants

Each school will be responsible for the student’s transportation to the conference and the inscription fee, with the possibility of using local sponsors for each school as travel grants. The sponsors will have the right to use their brand throughout the competition. Each participating school will be responsible of the health coverage of their students.

EURHODIP Obligations

There will be 4 Coordinators. One for each Competition. They will be a link between the EURHODIP organization, the organizer school and also with the participating schools.


Each student, must full fill their registration form for the Eurhodip 2023 Conference.





  • The challenge will be a real case study faced by F&B management.
  • Teams will be organized with random students from each school.
  • They will have to create a catering plan for a specific event (details will be given in the moment).
  • Then they will have to do a 10 minute presentation, explaining their plan and demonstrating the viability of the budget and creativity of the plan.


  • The challenge will be a real case study faced by Tourism management.
  • Teams will be organized with random students from each school.
  • They will do a presentation depicting the most relevant aspects of the city of Famagusta.


  • The challenge will be a real case study faced by Hospitality Marketing Management.
  • Teams will be organized with random students from each school.
  • They will come up with a new product that could promote the city of Famagusta, and produce a communication plan to a specific segment.
  • Then they will have to present their ideas.


  • The challenge will be to discover the sensory potential of each contestant and the creation of a completely new menu from a mystery basket.
  • Teams will be organized with random students from each school.





Conference Venue

Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel is located on 65.000 m² of the land on the shores of historical Salamis Beaches with the golden fine sands and crystal-clear water surrounded by beauties of nature. Situated by the beach on the bay of Salamis approximately 11 km from the city Famagusta. The hotel amenities include a swimming pool, restaurant, lobby bar, pool bar, beach bar, conference rooms, tennis court, table tennis, internet cafe, mini club, laundry & dry-cleaning service, open car parking and a casino. The hotel has a spa that offers a fitness room, Turkish Bath, sauna, massage, beauty salon, indoor pool, and relaxation room. Rooms are equipped with bathroom, air conditioning/heating, safe box, satellite TV, music channels, direct telephone, mini bar, hairdryer, and balcony/terrace. There is 24-hour room service. Available for an extra charge. Please note that some of the above facilities may be closed due to weather / seasonal conditions. Address: Gazimağusa, Famagusta, North Cyprus.

Location & Travel Guide


North Cyprus is a pearl in the Mediterranean Sea. Standing at the crossroads of three continents Cyprus has a vibrant history, a perfect climate and the warmest welcome in the Mediterranean basin. It has been a touristic attraction for many years, offering the perfect combination of relaxation, water sports and exciting exploration along its beautiful coastline, for Northern Cyprus too, has its share of rich archeological sites and medieval castles. It enjoys over 300 days of uninterrupted sunshine, clear blue unpolluted seas, the beauty of an unspoiled landscape and uncrowded beaches. Add to this the friendliness and hospitality of the people, wonderfully varied cuisine and you have the perfect recipe for a truly idyllic holiday. Whether you are a lover of nature, an archaeologist, a keen walker, a water sportsman or simply a sun-worshipper this little island is the ideal spot for you. It will come as no surprise that according to legend this island, the birthplace of goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love, was given to Cleopatra by Julius Cesar as a token of his love! The home to several civilizations, the island of Cyprus has developed a unique synthesis of cultures, each with its own distinct identity. See: or

The City: Famagusta

Famagusta is a city on the east coast of Cyprus. It is the capital of the Gazimağusa (Famagusta) District of Northern Cyprus. It is located east of Nicosia, and possesses the deepest harbor of the island. During the medieval period especially under the maritime republics of Genoa and Venice. Famagusta was the island's most important port city, and a gateway to trade with the ports of the Levant, from where the Silk Road merchants carried their goods to Western Europe. More information see:


There are a substantial number of flights to Northern Cyprus from around the world. Flights to Northern Cyprus by Turkish Airlines are via a brief courtesy touch down in Turkey. All Northern Cyprus flights arrive at Ercan Airport, North Cyprus. All flights go through Istanbul with a brief stopover. Ercan Airport is the closest airport.

For the participants who like to arrange the air transportation online, Turkish Airlines will provide discounted prices:

Turkish Airlines is the official airline of 30th EURHODIP Conference, special discounts are offered for all delegates. To proceed with the online booking tool, please visit Turkish Airlines promocode website and use the event code 075TKM23 under the Promotion code section.

The other option is flying directly to Larnaca Airport in Southern (Greek) Cyprus (non-Schengen EU member country). This option is only valid for holders of US, Canada, and European Union passport holders.


Foreign travelers travelling directly into North Cyprus except Nigerians and Armenians do not need visa. Those delegates who want to enter into Turkey are expected to obtain an electronic visa before coming to Turkey. Nationals of most European countries, the USA, Canada may obtain tourist visas, valid for 3 months by paying a fee of US$20.00 at the port of entry if they hold foreign passports and valid for more than six months in Turkey for purposes of sightseeing, business, family visits, study or training. Tourist visas obtained are for multiple entry. As of April 2013, electronic visa (e-visa) replaces "sticker visa" which was issued at the border crossings. Applicants need to log on to which provides the requested information.

For more information, please visit VISA Regulations | Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (
For more information, you can contact a diplomatic mission of Northern Cyprus:


Turkish lira that is coded as TRY is the official currency used in North Cyprus. As of 06 January 2017 the exchange rate of EUR (Euro), USD (US dollar) and GBP (British pound) to TRY, are 3.79, 3.60, and 4.49, respectively. You can use currency converter to see the actual exchange rates at the present time.

Traffic system

The majority of the cars on the island of Cyprus are manufactured with steering wheels on the right, since traffic moves on the left.

Electrical plug/outlet and voltage information for the North Cyprus

Electrical sockets (outlets) in North Cyprus supply electricity at between 220 and 240 volts AC, and are the "Type G" British BS-1363 type. If your appliance's plug doesn't match the shape of these sockets (3-pin plug is required), you will need a travel plug adapter in order to plug in. Travel plug adapters simply change the shape of your appliance's plug to 3-pin shape suitable for the aforedescribed socket type.

Competition Venues

Culinary Arts and Competition: Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Tourism

Tourism Management, Marketing Management, F&B Management Competitions: Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel


Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU)

With its highly developed infrastructure, prominent academic staff members, 16,000 students from 110 and 1,100 academics from 35 different countries, quality programs in English, the opportunity of learning a second foreign language, student exchange programs, rich sports, social and cultural activity opportunities, international accreditations, an international teaching context, and a diploma recognised throughout the world, EMU prepares its students for their international careers by educating them in becoming creative and competitive individuals with entrepreneurial skills.

EMU has been offering quality education through 107 undergraduate and school programs and 103 postgraduate and doctoral degree programs provided by 12 faculties, 4 schools and Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School.

EMU Faculty of Tourism

In the current era of increasing international competition and fast-changing technological developments, the mission of the Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Tourism is  provide education at an international standard in order to develop individuals with entrepreneurial and professional skills and ethical values towards other individuals, the public and the environment as well as making a difference with quality scientific research.




Paulo Revés,


Turismo de Portugal, Portugal

Paulo Baptista,

EURHODIP Coordinator,

Turismo de Portugal, I.P.

Henri Magne,


Groupe Vatel, Switzerland

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nafiya Guden,


Final International University, North Cyprus

Alessandra Ferrari,

Vice President

IAL Serramazoni, Italy

Manuel Serra,


Turismo de Portugal, Portugal

Iñaki Echeveste,


Escuela Superior de Hostelería de Sevilla, Spain

Ana Moreira,

Assistant Secreteary-General

Turismo de Portugal, Portugal


Alain Sebban,


Groupe Vatel, France

Luis de Lezama,


Grupo Lezama, Spain

Cees Van der Klip,



Marco ten Hoor,

Hotel Management School NHL Stenden

Zeljko Trezner,

University College Aspira, Croatia

Tanja Angleitner,

VSGT Maribor, Slovenia

Ali Dogan Camak,

Vatel Istanbul,Turkey

Martin Dannenmann,

Hotelfachschule Heidelberg, Germany

Ben Sharp,

Adelaide Institute Of Hospitality, Australia

Majed Al Hokair,

Higher Institute For Tourism & Hospitality, Saudi Arabia

Pedro José Oliver Fuentes,

Grupo Lezama Sevilla, Spain

Shyam Patiar,

SP International Hospitality Consulting Limited, United Kingdom

Theodore Benetatos,

Mitropolitan College Athens – Greece

Trofimov Evgeny,

Russian International Academy for Tourism – Russia

Ahmad Shafik COTHM,


Alpha Samb,

CPFPHR, Senegal


Prof. Dr. Hasan KILIÇ
(Congress Chair)

Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Tourism


Prof. Dr. Ali ÖZTÜREN
(Chair of Organizing Committee)

Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Tourism



  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Güven Ardahan, Ph.D. (Administrative Coordinator), Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Tourism

  • Prof. Dr. Osman Karatepe (Chair of Scientific Committee), Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Tourism

  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mine Haktanır (Scientific Committee), Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Tourism

  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Ä°lkay Yorgancı (Scientific Committee), Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Tourism

  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Hamed Rezapouraghdam (Scientific Committee), Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Tourism

  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Rüchan Kayaman (Marketing, Media, Public Relations), Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Tourism

  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali Özduran (Scientific Committee), Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Tourism

  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Özlem Altun (Scientific Committee), Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Tourism

  • Instr. Koral Karamanoglu (Tour and Entertainment Coordinator),Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Tourism

  • Sr. Instr. Kurtuluş Özbaşar, Gastronomy And Culinary Arts Organizing & Coordination Committee, Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Tourism

  • Specialist Pinar Barut, Gastronomy And Culinary Arts Organizing & Coordination Committee, Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Tourism

  • Sr. Instr. Münevver Gürel, Gastronomy And Culinary Arts Organizing & Coordination Committee, Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Tourism

  • Instr. Mine Adalier, Gastronomy And Culinary Arts Organizing & Coordination Committee, Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Tourism

Conference Secretariat and Logistics

Ms. Ayse Uludag, Office of the Organizing Committee Chair,
Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Tourism

Tel: +90 392 630 1269


Mr. Kaan Özkorkut, Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Tourism

Tel: +90 392 630 1686


Website Administrator

Research Assistant Iman Yavari



Sustainability and Innovation in Tourism and Gastronomy